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Our Company

We’re the small company making the organic juice with a big taste. We’re juice lovers living and working in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon. Our juices are cold pressed, hand blended and made to taste in small batches. Plus, they’re never heated, so you get nothing but the whole juice. We love great-tasting, fresh, wholesome juice too much to do it any other way. Oh did we mention we use only 100% organic ingredients and all of our juice is raw.


Why our juice is different.


Our philosophy is simple: use the fewest possible ingredients, of the highest quality, sourced locally and processed minimally.


We start with the highest quality, 100% organic fresh fruits and veggies available. We use Oregon strawberries, cranberries and spirulina. Our apples come from Washington and our lemons come from California. Our ginger is grown in Hawaii and Peru. Our agave comes from a farm in Mexico.


We are pioneers in the field of High Pressure Preservation. We were one of the first if not the first to adopt HPP, a no heat method of pathogen reduction, or in layman’s terms, keeping your juice clean and safe without cooking out all the nutrition and taste.

Small company

We’re small so it means we do things different. We can pick and choose our ingredients, because we don’t need a lot. We can hand sort and hand blend because we don’t need to make hundreds of thousands of units in a day. Basically, we can take our time and get the job done right because it’s not costing us $10,000 an hour to operate.




Genesis Organic Juice is the sister company of Tobys Family Foods.
We think you’ll love our Tofu Spread and Dip, and Salad Dressings as much as you love our juices!


Interested in distributing Genesis Organic Juices in your retail location? Please contact us.