NW Apple Pear Cocktail

If you haven't tried Wild Roots vodkas yet, you're missing out. We just love how fruit forward their vodkas are. And, we love that they source local just like us. Making Genesis and Wild Roots basically another match made in northwest heaven. 

They let try us a bottle of their Northwest Pear Infused Vodka, and we came up with this delicious, simple Northwest Apple Pear Cocktail featuring our Pacific Northwest Apple Juice.

Everything is so beautifully northwest flavored, you really don't need much else. 

NW Apple Pear


Northwest Apple Pear Cocktail 



  1. Add a few ice cubes and the diced apple to your glass. We suggest a high ball glass or something similar. 

  2. Add 4 ounces Genesis Pacific Northwest Apple and 1.5 ounces Wild Roots Northwest Pear Infused Vodka. Stir to combine and serve immediately.