Q. Where do your ingredients come from?

A. We always look to local sources first. When available, we buy directly from local farmers. We also have a great relationship with a local organic produce distributor.

We use Oregon strawberries, cranberries and spirulina. Our apples come from Oregon and Washington and our lemons come from California. Our ginger is grown in Hawaii and Peru. Our agave comes from a farm in Mexico.

Q. How well do you know your suppliers? Do you trust their standards?

A. We all abide by the same organic guidelines established by the Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO) standard, an internationally recognized symbol of organic integrity. This standard assures care of the land and fruit at every step from field to table. The result is a highly nutritious, pesticide free, chemical free, non-GMO product.

Q. There are so many varieties of apples and they all have different flavors. What variety of apples do you use in your apple juice?

A. Our apple juices contain the varieties grown locally. We primarily use Pink Ladies, Fuji, Gala, Braeburn, and just a little Granny Smith added to taste.

Q. Do your juices change with the season?

A. We try to maintain the same juices throughout the year depending on the availability of ingredients. Sometimes this requires us to purchase excessively expensive #1 grade fruit in order to keep our product on the shelves during the off-season.

The flavor of the fruit will change throughout the year. One week the fresh ginger will be particularly spicy or another week the Gala apples will be particularly sweet. As a Micro Juicery, we make our juices in small batches. Every run is different and naturally unique in flavor, which reflects the honesty of our ingredients.

Q. Are your juices Organic and GMO free?

A. Absolutely!  Genesis Juice is certified 100% organic by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO), an internationally recognized symbol of organic integrity.

Organic certification ensures that the agreed upon conventions of organic agriculture are being practiced not only by growers, but also by the people who handle and process organic food on its journey to the consumer, a true Farm to Table philosophy. Organic foods are produced without the use of genetically modified organisms (non-GMO).

Q. Why is organic important?

A. The organic ingredients we use were produced without synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetically engineered ingredients. Many studies have shown that:

  • Organic food production methods create higher levels of nutritionally desirable compounds like vitamins/antioxidants and poly-unsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 and CLA.

  • Organic food production methods create lower levels of nutritionally undesirable compounds such as heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticide residues and glyco-alkaloids.

  • Organic farms do not consume or release synthetic pesticides into the environment, are better than conventional farms at sustaining diverse plant and animal ecosystems and produce less waste and use less energy, when comparing per unit of yield to conventional farming.

Q. Are any of your juices sweetened?

A. We do not add “sugar” to any of our juices. Our apple based juice varieties contain 100% organic and raw juice with no sweetener of any kind added.

However, we do add organic Agave Nectar to our lemonades and tea based beverages, which has a naturally low glycemic index.

Q. Do you use preservatives in any of your products?

A. Absolutely not!  We produce everything in small batches using the highest quality ingredients for a taste that is second to none.  No preservatives, no artificial stabilizers, flavors or colors, just 100% organic, raw goodness!

Q. Are your juices Gluten Free?

A. Absolutely!




Q. Why is raw important?

A. Raw fruits and vegetables are vastly more nutritious than flash pasteurized or cooked fruits and vegetables.  Most juice sold today is made in massive batches and cooked for so long that they have very little nutritional value other than natural sugars and some fiber.  Enough said!

Q. I juice at home. Is there any difference in nutrition and flavor between your juices and what I juice at home?

A. The flavor, color, and nutritional benefits of our 100% organic, raw juices are second to none. Juice made at home will lose considerable flavor and nutrition, even if only saved overnight.

We have the advantage of being able to safely preserve the flavor and nutrition of our juices well past what you can do at home. Our non-heating preservation process known as HPP (High Pressure Processing) uses extraordinary pressure to neutralize pathogens while the beautiful, raw juice itself never gets above 42 degrees F.

That’s how we’re able to preserve the fresh taste, color, and nutrition of our fruit in bottles, even though it's shipped from our Artisan Juicery to your local store. That’s why our juices still taste as fresh when you open the bottle as when we bottled it. Save yourself the time and money and grab any of our conveniently packaged, fresh, raw, 100% organic juices.

Q. What does the date on the bottle mean?

A. We recommend the juice be consumed by this date. Under ideal circumstances the juice will last well beyond this date, but we cannot guarantee its freshness, quality or safety beyond this date.

Q. How long will the juice last after I open the bottle?

A. We recommend consuming the juice within 5 days of opening the bottle. Exposing the juice to the air, your lips, heat, etc. will immediately begin to degrade the juice. Depending on these factors, the juice may last well beyond 5 days or may only last 1 day.

Q. I noticed some of your juices are labeled, "100% RAW" and some are labeled, "100% RAW JUICE*", what's that all about?

A. It is a bit confusing. Juices labeled, "100% RAW" contain 100% juice and are 100% raw. Juices labeled, "100% RAW JUICE", contain juice (that is 100% raw) and water and agave, which may or may not be considered raw. Our definition of raw is, anything that has not been heated. Our juices and juice blends are never heated and always remain below 42 degrees F, thanks to the HPP process we describe below. The agave nectar we use in some of our products has been heated to 120 degrees F for a short period of time, therefore we do not consider it raw.

Q. Can I freeze your juices?  What does that do to the nutritional content and freshness?

A. It is not advisable to freeze our juices because it may alter the flavor, however, from a safety standpoint you may. Traditionally, freezing produce of all kinds is believed to lock in vitamins and minerals as well as prevent spoilage and waste of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some fruits, such as apple, will get freezer burn and not taste the same as other frozen fruit juices such as citrus.



Quality and Certifications

Q. Why is small batch important?

A. Small batch means we are able to source higher quality fruit and hand sort the fruit so that only the best produce makes it into your juice bottle. Each small batch is made to taste and becomes a unique nuanced juice dependent upon the honesty of our ingredients.  

Q. How do you process your fruit?  

A. Unique to our industry, we hand inspect every piece of fruit and hand cull, cutting out anything that breaks the skin. For example, we hand carve out any imperfections in our apples before cold pressing.

Q. What is HPP (High Pressure Processing) and why does it matter?

A. HPP is a process that uses pressure instead of heat to neutralize the pathogens that cause food to spoil. HPP allows us to provide great tasting, highly nutritious, safe products to our customers without using preservatives or heat pasteurization.

Q. How does HPP (High Pressure Processing) work?

HPP uses pressure instead of heat to neutralize the pathogens that cause food to spoil.  Toby’s places airtight packages of finished products into a giant stainless steel vessel that is filled with cold water. This vessel is then sealed and pumped with pressure at 87,000 psi. (For a reference point, the pressure at the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean, the Mariana Trench, is only 16,000 psi).

At this pressure, pathogens that cause foods to spoil are neutralized, making the products safe for customers and exceeding FDA pathogen log reduction requirements. Most importantly the HPP treated packages never rise above 42 F, which means enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants that would normally be killed during heat pasteurization, remain active.

Q. Sometimes I find a juice with a wrinkled label. Is this juice still good?

A. Absolutely! We focus most of our attention on what’s in the bottle and sometimes a wrinkled label slips by, but we guarantee the juice inside the bottle is as good as it gets.

Q. Sometimes I find a juice with a dented bottle. Is this juice still good?

A. Absolutely! Sometimes a slight rise and fall in refrigerator temperature will cause the bottle to dent-in a little bit. This is completely harmless. The juice is as good as a juice without a dented bottle.

Q. Why are your juices not labeled as Gluten Free?     

A. Gluten Free certification would require each and every batch to be tested.  We make everything to order in small batches. Testing would be both cost and time prohibitive for a small, hands-on facility like ours.

Q. Are you Products Kosher?

A. Our products are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Q. Something settled at the bottom of my juice bottle that doesn't dissipate when I shake it up.  Is that a quality problem?

A. Apple Ginger, Ginger Lemonade, and Herbal Fruit Tonic all contain fresh raw ginger juice. High quality ginger juice contains starch, which can settle to the bottom of the bottle. It takes some serious shaking to dissolve this starch back into the juice, but it’s well worth it. This is where much of the ginger flavor, heat, and medicinal effects come from.




Q. Why do you use plastic bottles instead of glass?

Genesis Juices are pasteurized after they’ve been bottled in their packaging using our unique High Pressure Processor (HPP) machine. Because this machine emits a tremendous amount of pressure, glass would shatter instantly and is not a viable package option for this process.

We use PET #1 plastic for the following reasons:

PET #1 plastic is the most recyclable option and it takes far less energy to recycle and reuse than glass.

PET #1 plastic is the safest plastic available. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) #1 doesn’t leach, and is generally considered the safest single-use plastic-bottle choice, especially if it's kept cold. It just so happens that our entire juicing process takes place in refrigeration. Our juices are transported in refrigeration and stored in the refrigerated section at your local store.

PET #1 bottles are more energy efficient than glass bottles.  A single plastic bottle uses fewer resources to create, fill, ship, and distribute than a single glass bottle. This is because glass bottles weigh up to nine times more than plastic bottles and take far more energy to recycle.

Lastly, our PET #1 bottles are redeemable in some states. For example, in Oregon our bottles can be redeemed for $.10!



How to Buy

Q. Where can I buy your juice?  

A. Our juices are available in Oregon and Washington.  Please use our STORE LOCATOR to find the store nearest you.

Q. If my local grocery store doesn’t carry your products, what should I do?

A. Request it, request it, and request it! You’ll be surprised about how responsive your local grocer is to your requests. If they still won’t carry it, contact us (info@tobysfamilyfoods.com) and we will see what we can do.

Q. Stores in my area do not carry your juice; can you ship directly to me?

A. Our products need to be kept refrigerated to ensure optimum flavor and nutrition. Shipping refrigerated directly to customers is cost prohibitive at this time.  Your best bet is to contact your local grocer and request our products. If you represent a commercial buyer or institution, please contact us directly to discuss delivery options.

Q. Do you have any specials, discounts, or coupons available for your products?

A. We put our products on promotion in your local grocery store at various times throughout the year. We do in-store demonstrations and offer coupons. We also participate in a variety of events where we sample our products and offer coupons for your next purchase.

Q. I own a restaurant and would like to add your fabulous juices to our menu. Is this possible?

A. Yes! We would love to see our juices on your menu. They’re great for sale by the glass and/or as mixers in premium cocktails. Contact us at info@tobysfamilyfoods.com for pricing and availability.


More questions? Head to our contact page and get in touch!