Register Guard: These juices keep their cool

In the Spring edition of The Register Guard's Tasting Section, Genesis Juice was featured for its unique process and local angle. See the beginning of the article below, and the full article link below! 

In 1975, when Genesis Juice began pressing its raw juices bursting with real fruit flavor, Eugene's health-minded community couldn't help but rejoice. What began as Genesis Organic Juice Cooperative is now a sister company of Springfield-based Toby's Family Foods, makers of Toby's Tofu Dip and Spread and Toby's salad dressings. Though the juice-making process has changed since the earliest days, fruit is still handpicked and the juice is as raw as it can be, still bursting with flavor.

"It all starts with good ingredients," Jonah Alves says. His mother is Toby's founder, Toby Alves. "Unlike a lot of juice companies we either use No. 1 or No. 2 fruit, which is fruit you would normal purchase at the grocery store or that companies would make fruit salad of."

Genesis' team hand-sorts the fruit, removing any piece with more than two blemishes, so the fruit grade is higher than that used by companies that simply toss crates of fruit onto a conveyor belt.
Click the photo above to read the full article.

Click the photo above to read the full article.

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