Eugene Weekly: Creative Juices

Genesis Juice's high quality juices, fruits, and our high-quality fruit was featured in Eugene Weekly's June 2016 edition of Chow.  Read the full article about how Genesis Juice squeezes high-quality fruit & more. And, see the excerpt below!

Since the 1970s, Genesis Organic Juice has prided itself on providing a product that’s local, sustainable and 100-percent organic.

And in that mission, it’s taking on Big Soda.  

“Odwalla is a Coke product. Naked is a Pepsi product,” says Jonah Alves, president of Genesis Juice. “This new one, Suja, is a Coke product, and Evolution is a Starbucks product.” 

These ubiquitous juices compete for space on store shelves, but do average thirsty consumers comprehend that they’re buying from a large corporate manufacturer? And should they care? 

“We don’t use juice-grade fruit,” Alves says. “We use fruit-salad grade fruit. Every piece of fruit is handpicked and hand-culled. Nobody does that. All the rot, the bad spots, get dumped in and boiled away.”

Boiling juice? 

“With anything, heat degrades flavor and nutrition,” Alves says.