Christmas Mojito

The nice thing about mojitos is that it's so easy to make them a no-ijtio! Just omit the booze, and you've got a booze-free mocktail that's easy to put together and fun to say. 

All of that, makes this the perfect cocktail/mocktail to serve up for the holidays. Plus, the seasonal cranberries really give it a festive feel. 


If this doesn't scream holidays & festiveness - I don't know what does! The mint leaves gives it that boughs of holly feel. 

The crisp, clean, and sweet taste of this Chirstmas Mojito (Nojito) cuts through the heavy holiday meals and drinks and gives you a much needed refresh, too.


First, start with your Genesis Ginger Lemonade. Cut limes and quarter (for easier muddling). Toss them into a two glasses or a shaker and muddle limes and a few mint leaves.  If you don't have a muddler or don't want to deal with the crushing, a blender would work , too! 


In a glass, add ice cubes. Fill 6 ounces (half a bottle) of Genesis Ginger Lemonade in each glass (add rum if desired). Or, add ice and lemonade to a shaker (add rum here if you'd like) and shake shake until well mixed. Strain into glass over ice. 

Top with club soda. Garnish with mint leaves and cranberries! 

Christmas Mojito

Recipe & photography by Silvia


  • 1 big lime
  • 1 Genesis Ginger Lemonade

  • ½ cup of fresh mint leaves

  • Cranberries to top

  • Club soda to top

  • 1 cup crushed ice

  • Agave Syrup, optional

  • 3 oz. Rum, if desired (1.5 oz per cocktail) 


  1. Cut ends off of lime and quarter.

  2. Add lime to two tall glasses. Add a handful of mint to each glass. If you want your mojito a bit sweeter, add a teaspoon of agave nectar to each glass.

  3. Use a muddler to muddle the lime and mint. I don’t have a muddler so I used my Vitamix temper and it worked well.

  4. Add crushed ice to each glass. Pour Genesis Juice over the ice and fill up the rest of the glasses with club soda.

  5. Garnish with mint leaves and add a few cranberries to each glass.

  6. Enjoy immediately!