Hibiscus Pomegranate Mocktail

We are loving mocktails right now. This time of year, we think they're ignored just too much! We think, what better way to celebrate the new year than with a beautiful mocktail? Great for those not so interested in getting too tipsy, designated drivers, or even kiddos! This Hibiscus Pomegranate Mocktail will please anyone, and you could always spike it if you'd like.  


Our Hibiscus Cooler is an organic sweet tea, first introduced as the "Palace Cooler" at the Toby's Tofu Palace at the Eugene Saturday Market in 1978.

Hibiscus Pomegranate Mocktail

This drink is rich in flavor without being heavy, just like the Hibiscus Cooler itself! Recipe by our friend Silvia



  1. Add pomegranate seeds and ice to glasses
  2. Pour Genesis juice over ice and fill up the rest of glasses with sparkling water
  3. Add a few sprig of thyme to each glass and serve.
  4. Enjoy!