Immunity Booster Smoothie

It’s cold and flu season – ugh! January is definitely the time to stock up on your Vitamin C, get some rest, and stay hydrated. This immunity booster smoothie is perfect for when you feel like you’re coming down with something. A little Orange Juice to load up on your Vitamin C, and a little Ginger Lemonade for that kick your sore throat you need. Add in some Coconut Bliss, and you’re ready for a delicious treat packed full of the goodness you’re craving when sick.

And, if you’re not sick, it’s good too. Who can turn down something that looks this good!?

Yum! So, to the details again. It’s really the perfect smoothie when you need a pick me up and cold season is getting to you. This is packed full of Vitamin C, with orange juice and lemonade, plus carrots and mango – how can you go wrong? Add a little bit of Coconut Bliss, and you’re all set! When you’re using Coconut Bliss, it’s best to use fresh fruits not frozen. Otherwise, the smoothie will be too thick and you’ll have to wait around for it to melt a little or water it down to drink it immediately




  1. Blend! If you’re using a regular blender, we suggest adding the ingredients in the order listed. Adding some liquids first helps blend everything together easier.

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