Tropical Bliss Smoothie

This amazing smoothie came from our friends over at Coconut Bliss. We’re loving the tropical feel while being so close to home! This frothy smoothie is the perfect snack, dessert or sweet start to the day. We can’t get enough of it! And, a fun fact: pineapples contain bromelain, which is a powerful and natural digestive aid.

If you like a frothier smoothie, add the ice cubes. For a thicker smoothie, use frozen fruit. Just note, you might have to use a little orange juice for easier blending either way. We added a touch more orange juice than the recipe called for, but we’re big juice fans… What we’re saying is: play with the recipe. Make it your own!


Pardon the old packaging, this is an old favorite!

Pardon the old packaging, this is an old favorite!




  1. Blend juice and fruit to liquefy.
  2. Add your Coconut Bliss and blend.
  3. Add your ice cubes if you like it extra frothy and light.