the difference

Why does Genesis Juice taste so much better than the other bottled juices out there? Because it is better. 

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Never heated

Our juices, teas, and lemonades are never heated. Most other juice companies will heat, flash pasteurize, or boil and bottle their juices. Gross!  


High Quality fruit  & hand sorting

Our juices are made using the highest quality fruits available to us. We don't use "juice-grade" fruits that have been cast aside due to mold, worm holes, or something else. And, if for some reason those undesirable fruits make it into our ingredients, we hand sort and inspect every single fruit that comes through our doors. We'll find it, compost it, and you'll never have to worry about what you're drinking! 


Never purees or concentrates

You know when you're reading a juice label and it says "romaine puree" or "apple juice from concentrate?" It most likely means it arrived in a giant 55-gallon drum, pre-cooked and pre-processed. We don't believe that's how juice should be made. We never use ingredients that are pre-pureed or from concentrate. All of our fruits come to us whole, we chop, peel, wash, hand sort, and all of that right here in our facility. And, it should go without saying, we never use artificial flavors, colors or additives. Just fruit.